Random frequency change

An obvious old issue but having it now. The active com1 frequency changes randomly. I am flying the PMDG 737. The most common comment is to be sure AI ATC is off. Which mine is. Even saw a suggestion to turn it on then back off. Which I did. It usually seems to happen after switching cockpit or external views but not a specific change. Using the CTRL+# on the keyboard. I use VPilot for online flying and have seen the issue both on and offline. Anyone had this problem lately. Zen desk has instructed to go “vanilla” lol. Not interested. The work around is use the F/O’s side radio which is not affected. I would do this before starting completely over. Regards!

You could try deleting the command for “Frequency Swap” which is “X” by default.
If something is unknowingly triggering that, and you don’t use the keyboard to swap frequencies, in the Controls Options, just click on the x, select “Clear Current Input” and then “Validate” and hit save on the bottom toolbar.
You should go through all your controllers, and see if the “Frequency Swap” command is used in any of those as well.

That may help.

Thanks for that info. I just realized recently that X was for swap but had not been using it. It’s not that the frequency is swapping at all. It’s that the active frequency only is being completely changed, the standby freq always remains constant. Just to clarify the issue. Thanks

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