RANT: Why is the Carenado Seneca rated so highly on the store?

I 'm not really noticing any evidence of prices going up relative to XP or P3D. What are you thinking of ?

Not so much prices increasing, but tolerance of lower quality items both by the devs in the official marketplace and by the general consumers who purchase them which leads to less value in the products delivered overall except for the higher end devs who will always remain faithful to the source material (within the SDK they are given).

I’m just waiting for a $20 hot air balloon that does Mach 2 at this point.


I disagree. In X Plane, their planes worked great. Their king airs and Beech 1900 were all very nice, and flew well on a single engine. They weren’t hyper realistic, though they managed to get a lot right with them. Their 210 was also very good. There were a few things that i also really appreciated with their piston aircraft in X Plane. When you did a magneto check, you saw an RPM drop as well as an EGT rise. That was a nice touch. In most planes for flight simulators, those details are overlooked and you’d get an RPM drop with an EGT decrease. But, no, I don’t think this plane deserves its rating. Not for $30USD at normal price.

Not all 3rd party developers, but there is a trend. One can’t deny that. These ridiculously low fidelity planes are gaining traction and setting a precedent within the payware development community that this is okay. It’s becoming a gamification of a hobby that I, like many others, use to practice real world procedures and scenarios. We get the chance to fly something that we have flown, will fly, wish to fly, or are currently flying.

My point is, if folks keep accepting and buying these planes as “good enough,” that is what we’re going to keep seeing…at higher and higher price points. Generally people associate price with quality, at least that has been the case in the past. A fair price for the Seneca would be $15. A twin piston prop with high fidelity should be around $35. Glad I got it on sale. Disappointed to see the quality.


To be honest, you need to do some research before buying any aircraft for MSFS. There is to much garbage out there. I was looking at the Seneca as well, but a 5 min search in this forum revealed the flight model would be disappointing for me since it lacks realism. So I didn’t pull the trigger.

For the rest, I agree that it is a real shame Carenado doesn’t put a little more effort in the flight modeling part of their aircraft.

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Most people are praising this plane.

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Anybody knows how long is the sale for?

I fully understand, i dont like this trend either. But carenado is in the middle. They have never done „study level“. They are in the business since… forever. You could have known what you will get before you buy. You are looking for study level it seems, no idea why you buy carenado then :man_shrugging:t4:

Bredok, captainsim, thats another story… this is just scam.


They are fully aware what to expect, so they were never looking for a full training simulation, but for a nice looking GA plane that is fun to fly. You are looking for a training tool, which carenado just isnt, and never claimed to be.


Maybe people are buying them because there isn’t much choice atm as the sim is still fairly new in development terms.

I don’t see buying these as encouraging poor standards at all - poor standards have always been in the sims, just like excellent standards have.

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Maybe, maybe not.
Modeling is Great and well… it works.
Can’t say that of any other 3rdparty aircraft

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To be fair, you are approaching this as a multi-engine rated pilot, and flying it in a way that most people don’t outside of training. The deficiencies you mention will only affect a very small minority of simmers. Now, if you could abuse the engines to the point of failure then it would be more of an issue…but this is Carenado. Their aircraft let you fly from A to B just fine and look great, and that is about as far as they go. Even their X-Plane aircraft are ‘Lite’. That is their MO…they have their niche and have been successful catering to that section of the market for quite some time now.


Then you obviously haven’t flown the PMDG DC6.

But the OP’s point is that the Carenado twin props were much better in X-plane. So “it’s Carenado, what do you expect” is not a valid answer, since he? is asking why Carenado did better when they developed for X-plane than what they do now…


I also bought the Seneca on sale. I was a bit skeptical before buying, but with 30% discount, if we are not too demanding, it worth it, until there is a real good one from other vendors.

I agree a bit with the topic author though, people get excited too quick and give good ratings without testing much. On Youtube I looked for reviews but they all gave very good marks (even the ones which say “I am a commercial pilot”) without much criticism, to the point I suspect they get sponsored.

I find the plane way too sensitive to pitch for example.
Other than that, like said above, people need to know what their expectations are before buying Carenado.
If they want exact numbers like the real plane, they should wait for JF, Milviz etc to release their own.
If they don’t it is a cool plane still.


Since the GTN 750 does not sync with the G1000Nxi the Carenado Seneca is my twin piston to fly with the GTN 750. Quite enjoyable for me.

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to delete I made a mistake by answering in the wrong place


Indeed, some aircraft are not what they used to be.
Carenado used to produce good products…like the long awaited Pilatus PC12 .
**I started with FS_2, and in 2015 I switched to X-Plane, and then back to Msfs2020 where I am much more interested in VFR today (without complicating my life with FMS etc etc) **
It’s good to get back to “old school” navigation with the “little needles” :slight_smile:

I bought 2 Carenado products 2 days ago
What a disappointment, especially for the P44-Seminole!
I don’t do all the tests like a test pilot…but when I took off the first time with this P44…
Impossible to turn normally with the ailerons or the rudder (very, very very slow) and moreover, by cutting one of the engines, the plane continued its way very straight. In short, a catastrophe… I can’t believe that Carenado didn’t see this (and Asobo too)! (version 1.7)
As for the M20R…it is so sensitive in the air that you always feel that the atmosphere is constantly turbulent…
In any case, it should not be said anymore that the MSFS planes are still on “rails”. It is so much better in the end!

Good flights :wink:

I have put only one star for the moment

Yes, it’s obvious, transferring the old planes to this new simulator… it must not be a “holiday” for the developers.
Just the aerodynamic configurations…you have to be a physicist to understand it all?

EDIT → SOLVED :heart_eyes:

Dear fellow Pilots

My Corenado PA44 Seminole aircraft is finally flying as it should! -:slight_smile:

In the General Options, under Flight model, I had the historical model active (I don’t know what it clearly means)
I chose the “Modern” option!
The change is valid only when leaving the flight, so you have to go back to the main “home” menu and start again the choice of the departure place etc.

I did it twice to check.

Why, how, I do not know?
But finally… the plane is controllable normally with ailerons and rudder
(as a reminder, the elevator was ok in the history mode)

In order not to mislead other users
Good flights to all of you

J.-François R. :wink:

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I’ve purchased two of the planes and regretted both purchases :frowning:
Wasted nearly $100 dollars as I’ve flown them for maybe 1 hour before I gave up

I thought my first purchase was just bad luck but the second plane was just as bad.

Flight models were sub par compared to fs standard fs planes and way sub par compared to JustFlight planes and the Carenado planes are less efficient so I loose around 10-15 fps when flying them

I will never purchase any of their products again and don’t know if I’ll trust any other developer other than JustFlight as all 3 of their planes are amazing


That’s a good point, but I can’t imagine that you can get a refund?