New Release: Carenado Piper PA-34 Seneca V

About to download this. Can’t wait - I hope the de-icing system is present here and is functional? Screenshots and review coming tonight. Discuss?

EDIT: Oops… The Marketplace doesn’t have it available yet. Later tonight then.


Look forward to hearing from you on this one. Very interested.


You can always deice by binding controls if it doesn’t have. For a stop gap… Let me know what you think.

Disable Windshield Icing Effect - Flight Simulator Blog

Eh, not really interested in using stuff the aircraft doesn’t have - kind of kills the immersion for me. Kinda the same with imaginary autopilots for AC without them.


Yea but saved me when the t-45 first came out. Just a hint, and I get it. I like it when everything works as expected. Just flying and listening to draft. Go Giants!!!

Still on pins and needles for this one! Wish we could get it outside the Marketplace.

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The Seneca isn’t even listed on Carenado’s website yet… should be a fun one when available!

If you want to get a jump on “ground school” for this aircraft, here’s a link to the POH…


Looking forward to it! Hope they put an emphasis on multi engine handling, since a lot of people have used the Seneca for training. Will be curious if the props actually feather and come to a stop in flight, and if there is a difference in drag between a windmilling prop and a feathered one. And perhaps rudder input when loosing an engine on takeoff and climbing out.

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That would be really, really nice. The Seneca has counter-rotating props, so no “critical engine” to worry about… losing an engine is already enough to worry about!

It’s finally in the store.


Nice. On my way to buy.

Downloading now… Review and screenshots up soon. Gonna give it a fair all-around test.


It’s a good plane, no complaints here.




First flight, normal operations–just making a quick hop up to Orcas Island.

Shutdown and feather of number 1 went as expected. Just a quick test. Tomorrow I’ll see how it actually flies on one engine. It has the same bug as the Carenado Seminole that when the propeller lever is advanced, it automatically comes out of feather. That shouldn’t happen until the engine is restarted and there is oil pressure to move the prop blades. Minor issue.
@BostonJeremy77 will have a review shortly, but I will say that my initial impressions are good…


This is another solid Carenado aircraft. Probably one of the best.


As usual, there is no surprise. This aircraft looks great as all Carenado ones do. There isn’t much more to say on that. In terms of night lighting - a few things could be better - the prop and mixture levers aren’t illuminated and I find it could have been a bit more thought out.


Pretty solid - it’s pretty similar to all their other Pipers, but I have no complaints.

It flies very well - without digging too much into specs and performance charts, everything is pretty believable. I tested power on and power off stalls - was able to drop the wing on power off several times. Entered a spin, recovered. I feel it’s pretty powerful, maybe just a tad bit over. Bleeding off speed initially on descent wasn’t easy as when you lower the power level sufficiently, the gear warning goes off to annoy you. In terms of MP, RPM, etc gauges, they all seem to behave as I expected so far - nothing noticeably off. I feathered both props… not sure yet. It SEEMS to work ok, but I have to pay more attention. I feathered one engine’s prop as well while on autopilot and it didn’t seem to have much impact, it flew well… In hindsight, I really should have done that without autopilot.


The addition of weather radar is cool! Granted, a bunch of it is INOP, but you are able to have two views including a vertical profile and it seemed to reflect the conditions I was flying in very well - I had a bit of rain clouds here and there over Puerto Rico - was going in and out of them approaching Ceiba.

A couple of things - there are a couple of tool tips that have the variable instead of description (cowl flaps - which by the way, have no impact)…

The Marketplace description page says the aircraft is usually equipped with 3 G1000s (newer version) but those are NOT present. It’s your regular GNS setup.

That THING on the windshield obstructs view and annoys me to bits (see screenshots)… I am not sure WHAT that is, but there is no way to get rid of it. I wish it wasn’t there. That’s really the only gripe.

If you enjoy the Mooney and want a similar performing twin, this one is a no-brainer.

If anyone has any questions, I am happy to answer.


That is your windscreen anti-icing. The entire windscreen isn’t heated, just that little panel. Welcome to FIKI setups for light twins. In the real aircraft, not only is it in your way, but the view is also a bit distorted!