[rathole80] Abandoned Airports Group Flying - Part 55 - Southern Florida | MSFS | GA | VFR | Bush

Tuesday, April 16, 2024 at 20:30Z
Join me on Twitch, @rathole80! And we continue flying around together looking for these abandoned fields, and we continue to have fun together! Come fly along, let’s do this! We’ll be looking for and landing at the following abandoned or historical fields:

Venetian Causeway Seaplane Base / Viking Airport / Embry-Riddle Seaplane Base, Miami Beach, FL

Watson Island Blimp Base, Watson Island, FL

Richmond Naval Air Station, Richmond Heights, FL

Port Largo Airport (KYL), Key Largo, FL

Matecumbe Key Airport, Lower Matecumbe Key, FL

Trumbo Point Seaplane Base, Key West, FL

PLN Files:

Server: North Europe
Weather: Live
Multiplayer: All Players

I’ll be flying the PC-6 Porter by Blackbird Simulations. It cruises at about 119 knots.

There’s also a default PC-6 that works well if you don’t have that one, or an X-Cub also works well.