Raymarched reflections causes weird graphical glitch in VR in the TBM 930 after SU8

After SU8, I have this weird looking graphical glitch in VR in the TBM 930 with the mixMugz mod applied. It’s like an all white shadow of some sorts, floating on the top of the glareshield a bit to the right from the center window pedestal. It moves and changes shape when moving the head.

Very hard to explain without a screenshot and unfortunately, I’m not sure how to grab a screenshot in VR. Still wanted to ask if anyone else in here noticed the same thing? If you have, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I haven’t had time trying without the mod yet to see if it’s an issue with the mod specifically or maybe also in the default TBM 930 without the mod applied. I hope to have time during the weekend to test that.

I’ve now tried without the mod applied and the issue is still present.

A bit surprised no one else has commented seeing the same thing. A friend of mine has the same thing after SU8. Meaning it’s not just on my system.

Just changed the title after finding out how I can get rid of the issue by completely disabling raymarched reflections. Apparently, raymarched reflections regardless if you have them set to low, med, high, ultra causes this in VR in the TBM after SU8.

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