Raytraced Global Illumination. A game changer

Since we already know that we will be seeing Raytracing in near future, I would like to share some info on what Raytraced Global Illumination can actually achieve.

Nvida very recently came out of with the new technique of global illumination via raytracing. This new version of RTXGI is highly efficient and has literally no hit on performance. This is because this new version of RTXGI uses a small of number of probes that accumulate light over time unlike in previous version where it individually calculated GI for every pixel every frame and had a huge hit on performance.

Here is an example

As you can see almost no hit on performance and this on a rtx 2060 mobile gpu. The difference in visuals is self explanatory.

Raytracing has many forms. From reflections to AO to shadows etc. But I think MSFS would benefit the most from Raytraced Global illumination.

Those who want to know more about the new RTXGI, here is a link https://developer.nvidia.com/rtxgi


Well, finally a shooter-screenshot in a FS-Forum.

Since the devs don´t even have heard of DX12 I would bet they are not deeply into new technologies. I wouldnt expect too much from Asobo, especially if basic functions of the sim are still not working 8 weeks after release, just sayin.

*weather *cough


Heh. popcorn

That is toooooo far in the future…hahah for Asobo.

Yes, they seem to have upped the brightness. I feel there are going to be a lot of disappointed users if and when this actually makes it, along with DX12.

Well, who’d have thought?
It turns out the future IS bright.
Bring it on.

Considered opinion there then… NOT.

I never was that impressed by raytracing in shooters. In a Flight Sim, I think it’s going to have even less visual impact.


Much better.
I think you are wrong.
But well put.

I’ve been making heavy use of the Ignore feature recently and the forum is looking much better now :smiley:


If you’d read the dev updates you’d know they’re working on DX12

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Yes. I hear you bro.

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I cant really see the difference, would help to have the full pic side by side or the same images. I like that the game is Ring of Elysium though lol. I play that a lot.

Haha same I wish they added a block option to get rid of the nuisance that would be sweet!

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To her fair there are much better examples out there of what the ray tracing can do. Take a look at Cyberpunk 2077 side by side screenshots. The ray tracing offers better quality lighting, and reflections in puddles, and so on. The screenshot above is about the worst example I could think of to demonstrate RTX technology.

Ray tracing is not happening for at least the next few years, until DX12 and until at least next-gen GPUs launch (4080?). Modern GPUs can handly handle MSFS in 1440p and 4k and for sure cannot handle it with ray tracing implemented. Ray tracing implemented partially still eats half fps in most games, and if you want full RT in MSFS then you d get like 2fps on rtx3080.

I guess as GPUs advance, we will slow implementation. First the plane exterior and interior…etc.

We are still years off

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Another way to put it would be, if you are experiencing performance issues now, then you definitely don’t want ray tracing.

Of the screenshot from the OP i much prefer the off version.

But… it promises a gain in FPS performance, No? Did I read that wrong?

No, they never made that promise, and certainly not for ray tracing.

Some may be conflating the two.

DX12 offers ray tracing, and additional functionality, but not necessarily a performance increase. Asobo said this themselves during a recent livestream.

DX12 may offer some efficiencies on the CPU side, but I think Asobo may be being cautious about stating things like performance increases for the very reason you have described. If folks get it into their heads that this will be a performance focused exercise, they’ll drown the forums with complaints when it doesn’t!

Features, not performance. If you think about it, ray tracing is going to be more taxing on the system, and will reduce performance, that’s just common sense, but I suspect you were actually referring to DX12 specifically.

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