Razer Synapse and Stream Deck issue

I have a problem that the Synapse software either delays or corrupts my Stream Deck commands. It is either late in changing profiles and will even cause a combination of buttons from two profiles to display. This problem came up after I bought a Kraken V3 Hypersense wired USB headphones.

My problem goes away by exiting the Razer software. Everything works without lag or any other miscommunication. I am using the latest versions of Razer, AAO, Stream Deck plugin and Stream Deck software. Could it be a USB issue? There are no issues showing in Device Manager.

That’s odd,

I have a Stream Deck as well as Synapse installed. No issues with either.

Axis and Ohs?
Same headphones?

No I am not.

Mixing two profiles says to me that it is a StreamDeck issue because only StreamDeck is in control of what profile it loads and applies.
First thing to check is that you only have one profile assigned to one app. Obviously we can’t expect StreamDeck to work well if we assign two profiles to one application.

As an aside, how the heck did you get StreamDeck to auto apply a profile to MSFS?! StreamDeck tells me I’m not allowed to select flightsimulator.exe, even though I’m an administrator and I can see the file.

I’m using profiles from flightsim.to and Axis and Ohs. There are dozens of profiles available mostly for the 32 button which offers far more options and most popular.
Stream Deck for Microsoft Flight Simulator | Flightsim.to
Axis and Ohs accesses the Stream deck to send variables. It’s about -$20 US. You can use it for dozens of devices and controllers. Makes Stream Deck my most used MSFS device for all aircraft.

By the way, I found an Avsim forum message indicating it may be a port setting issue between the two Softwares.

You can search for Axis and Ohs threads for more information.

It’s great that you found something, especially if it has a solution :slight_smile: I was assuming a vanilla StreamDeck usage like I use so yeah, there are more failure points mixing in this other stuff that’s for sure.

Hmm. I use Spad.Next that does 90% of my control mappings, it beats having to switch MSFS profiles all the time. I did see it was supported but I didn’t really think of using it with MSFS for some reason so thanks for the reminder. :slight_smile:

I use both a Stream Deck XL and a X-Touch Mini, with Hy’s Flight Tracker software, A&O and Spad-Next controlling both USB devices, depending on what functionality I need,

I have no issues with any undesired interaction

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Yes, I have a Razer mouse, Synapse, and a Streamdeck XL. No problems here.

Okay, I’ll keep searching. Thanks!

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