Razer turret for Xbox support

Is anyone using the a Razor turret for flight sim? I would like to know what keybinds other are using since the default keyboad settings for xbox include num pad binding that the turret can not support.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a good preset anywhere online for anyone with TKL keyboards. I just spent $400 on this keyboard that was supposed to be an “official” K&M for flight sim only to find out it’s missing the numpad. Pretty ■■■■■■ off about it, and I’m likely going to be returning it. I’d rather not do that, so I can use this with other Microsoft games, and would like to see a preset built for people with the Razer Turret or anyone with TKL keyboards.

I’ve made a few posts about it if you want to help gain traction, I’d recommend posting this issue in other forums, such as the official Xbox/Microsoft forums, and on the Flight Sim & Xbox Series X subreddit.

You can also issue a ticket to the devs, and go straight to the horses mouth. It’s unacceptable that the official K&M for flight sim is inherently broken.

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