Re-Install or not?

Hi all,

It looks like allot of people experienced different bugs after the last patch. My problems are that the A320 and 787 are totally not able to fly.
A320: Systems will not even turn on, wont allow me to turn on ground power, Batteries won’t turn on. If I use CTL + E to start engines, they come on, but everything stays black in the cockpit. And yes, all switches are correctly set (the ones that will even work)
787, MFD won’t stay on, goes black
Autopilot totally goes black after take off. and other stuff.

My question is, should I re-install or just wait till the next patch comes out.?

Some people have and said it solved their problems, but I don’t know personally. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

I’m doing a full re-install now. Will keep you posted with what happens.

constant CTD’s post patch on a system that ran it flawlessly prior. Tried disabling bing, azure, AI traffic, wiping rolling cache, disabling rolling cache, re-installing the launcher app, etc…

From alpha 3 all the way till 1.7.x, always been relatively stable till 1.8.3 so I decided to wipe and re-install. Fingers crossed it fixes what ever was causing CTDs.

Give it a year or two, then re-install.

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I did a total reinstall and IT worked. After the patch I could not pass the loading page, half way the blue bar it crashed to desktop. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled overnight and… it works as a champion now. Only tested props , no A320 so I cannot say if this solves the airplane-related issues. But fpm-wise the improvement is notable (45-50 where I was getting 30ish).

Do you have also issues with FMS on787 ? your flight plan is not imported, you cant add any departure airport and info, route page is blank ?

Issues continue after a full reinstall. No Mods.

Well, thanks or trying, guess we will just have to sit it out till the next patch…