Re installation - shortcuts?

Hi, I installed FS on a separate SSD but my OS became a bit unstable.
I bit the bullet and used EASUS PC Trans to do a complete drive C backup.
I then installed a new SSD and did a complete re install of windows 10.
After re installing software with the EASUS software FS2020 was not reinstalled.
I just want to be able to install the part that is installed on the OS drive but how???
Can I just copy all in the old APPDATA I still have? Or is there another way??
If not I have to download 127GB, many days where I am. :sob:

Help please

I (MS Store) did it this way.

C:\ drive is Win 10.
Initially installed FS2020 on my D:\ drive. (D:\FS2020)

Lost the C:\ drive. Win 10 went crazy,
Installed new clean install of Win 10 on the C:\ drive.

Then went to MS Store and requested an install of FS2020.

Download started and the initial 1.08 GB downloaded.
This went to the C:\ drive. (boot drive that has Win 10 on it

  • can be D: or E: or W:)

It then asked where I wanted to Install it.
I answered D:\FS2020.

It kind of blinked and started opening up FS2020. (as in running it)

I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting the 127 GB download.

Try this. If MS Store can find your FS2020 software, it will be okay.
Your backup copy of C should have the FS2020 software.

I suspect that your new SSD drive letter is different.

Let MS Store reinstall FS2020 on your C:\ drive
and then tell it where your FS2020 data is. (new SSD drive.

Hope you are MS Store installed.
If steam, never mind.

How do you know this? With a true backup/restore, there should be no difference.

Go to MS Store and request a download. See what it does.

Thanks, I tried that but FS2020 is installed on a dedicated 250Gb SSD and after the initial store install I told it to install on my SSD but as the original was still there it said there was insufficient space so I had to format my SSD, but after making yet another copy of the Instore folder. That is the one that contains all the bulk of the software.