[READ FIRST] How to Create a New Event

  1. Create a New Topic in the Community Events category.

  2. Click the cog wheel and choose “Create Event” in the dropdown menu.

  3. Fill out the requested fields. Don’t forget to specify what timezone you are working with!

  4. Once you post your event, users will now be able to express “Going”, “Interested”, “Not Going”, and even add it to their personal calendar with the three ellipsis in the corner!

Rules for Creating an Event

  1. Please do not post an event that spans 3 days or more.
  2. Be as clear as possible in your event title.
  3. Feel free to add any of the following tags to your post to help users find an event:
    • Free
    • All-Welcome
    • Experienced pilots
    • Beginner Pilots
    • VR Pilots
    • Charity
    • Twitch
    • Recurring
    • Discord
    • Youtube
    • Marathon
    • Racing

DM me if you would like to see a new tag added.