Reading and taking notice

I have been reading many posts from a lot of different people grumbling about things like, aircraft lighting, aircraft handling and many, many more issues which people seem to take way to seriously. The only grumble I have had is about my Logitech Flight Radio Panel, which may not an MSFS issue and yes I have made post but, more asking questions and seeking help.
We need to remember this is a SIMULATOR and a game and consequently IT WILL NOT BE PERFECT and in more ways than one a long way from the real thing but, tell you what, as having been a light aircraft pilot in my life I am enjoying the escapism that this allows me now (no licence now due to illness).
Yes, we all paid a fair bit of our hard earned money to enjoy our passion for aviation, so lets be a bit more understanding with the developers, wouldn’t want to do their job.
I, like a lot of you in Flight Sim Land, am bugged by the little niggly issues that occur with the occasional CTD and things not working but, remember these are early days and it will more than likely get better as time goes on.
So, take a breath and a break if necessary and if you are old enough do what I am going top do right now and that is go have a cold beer.
Take this for what it is worth.
Cheers all, have a great day everybody