Reading encrypted BGL files with MakeRunways

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Unfortunately, it is not possible for the tool MakeRunways (developed by Peter Dowson) to read encrypted Airport sceneries at the moment. This is a big issue in my opinion because interesting 3rd party tools like PRO ATC SR or Pilot2ATC or GSX are using MakeRunways tool to read airport cnfig like gates, taxiways and so on.

Are there any plans that such tools will be able to read encypted airports?

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I doubt removing the security is an option.
There are two levels of security:

  1. The addon publisher. The whole purpose is to stop people from ripping off their IP and their development/research time.
  2. Microsoft store. This is to prevent people from stealing XBOX IP.

Personally, I don’t often buy from the MS store so that way my addons are normally unencrypted because most encryption is from #2 above it seems. Current (I’m pretty sure), if you sell via the store you have to encrypt your product whether you want to or not.

Microsoft didn’t have to support mods pretty much until MSFS arrived so they didn’t have to consider such things before. Their focus was IP theft protection. It will take them a fair bit of time and money to satisfy modability while at the same time not comprising their security so they may never do it. I doubt it will be a priority. Most platform gamers know their systems are locked down which is why most of us that are interested in tweaking buy PCs instead.

well, now that these tools have appeared, it makes sense to remove part of the encryption (or just take them out of the encrypted area) from this particular data, especially since this data is freely available and this is not intellectual property :hugs:



The same issue appears in the new FSHud Software, which is another ATC Tool.

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