Real Time Weather

This is what I am seeing for real time weather. Thunderstorms or precipitation does not seem to be generated at all. The MFD shows fairly accurate precipitation, but the world doesn’t reflect it.

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Indeed that kills the immersion. Lots of issues as I play more and more.

I’ve spent some time with FS2020 and at one point I too felt as you did. There are a lot of improvements to be made. At this time there are some really good parts of the sim that are implemented. Flying GA aircraft using a sectional ( and nothing else while modifying the weather manually to match what you want is where this sim shines right now. Try out the landing challenges and bush trips. Don’t get too caught up on what the sim doesn’t have that you miss out on the really good stuff that it does have. Hopefully we will see improvements down the road.


Couldn’t have said it better - there will be lots of improvement but the truth is that it will never 100% accurately model the real time earth. Another thing is that it looks like your flight plan is just skirting that weather pattern? Looks about accurate for where you are. If you flew south what would happen?

One more thing - getting proper metars at sea is fairly difficult. Depending on the data sources, it could show up on radar but be missed otherwise.

I think comes from the fact that what Meteoblue provides is a forecast system and not based on actual measurements. I have no idea if and how they incorporate actual METAR information or e.g. satellite imaginary.

I agree that this has to be improved. I think it should end up into something that uses the forecast data (because not everything they provide can be measured) and actual weather measurements (from different sources like METAR, TAF, weather radars, to form the weather.

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The “live” weather definitely seems off in my experience. Have yet to come across an ATIS that is close to the actual METAR at an airport, and also ran into issues with the “live time” being several hours behind (and sometimes ahead, oddly enough) actual UTC time. Could be related to server load, but it will need to be fixed or we’ll be needing ActiveSky again to fly in accurate realtime weather.

As you said, the sim has a lot going for it though, and lots to enjoy. It’s a good thing we have several different sims to enjoy too while we wait for improvements/add-ons.

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I only encountered clouds my entire flight. There was no precipitation. The view to the left should show precipitation. I can edit the weather manually to show what storms should look like, but the real time weather does not show an accurate representation of the weather that is there. This how the view of the weather should look at my current position given what is shown on the radar (on the sky vector map).