Real world: Is RTX 3080 a significant performance gain over RTX 2080Ti in VR with WMR, OXR

For those who may have upgraded from RTX 2080Ti to RTX 3080, have you seen a minimum or a significant improvement in performance such as less stutters, ability to run higher graphics settings, etc.?

Yes. I did the upgrade some days ago but to the 3080Ti not the standard 3080. I highly recommend that card. Even better, if you can get an overclocked edition as it comes with an even higher core clock out of the box. This is the one I have now after moving from the 2080Ti and it´s a beast:

The Ti edition is more expensive and specially nowadays its price has skyrocketed due to semiconductors market, sure, but the leap is really significant. Moving just to the regular 3080 I would say it is not worth the money today. With the Ti you get 2 more Gb, more VRAM bandwith (+20%) and texture filling rate (+15%) compared to the standard 3080. Core clocks are similar (unless you get an OC edition) and memory clocks are the same.

But compared to the 2080Ti the 3080Ti means an amazing +50% bandwith, +25% texture filling rate, +10% core clock and +35% memory clock. This is ideal for heavy graphical scenes as everything is loaded superfast. The card works at 100% performance all the time so it really eats data (no more bottlenecks). You can easily reach 50fps on heavy cities. But don´t expect miracles like doubling the fps as this game is massive. What you will get instead is rendering stability and fluent graphics. For VFR you will really, and mean really enjoy low level flying…

Remember that they recommend a 750W power supply to work with the 3080 series. If you can get a 1000W one and you will be totally relaxed with power consumptions, specially if you have a beefy processor as well. Yes the resulting party will not be cheap but who cares? Flying is flying…



Thanks geloxo, a much appreciated reply!! I am an old seat of the pants pilot (multiengine, instructor and commercial ratings) (81 years old now) and very much enjoy the low level VFR flying more than high IFR flights. Your reply hit all the points I desired and then some. Maybe the kids will fund a 3080Ti for my upcoming birthday or Chriistmas. I like the superb visibility of the VL3 and it is very similar to my last plane, a Grumman TR2. Thanks also for the psu tip, I currently am running MSI Z390, I7 9700K and the 2080Ti on a 700 watt psu, I better uograde…

You are welcome. I have a 9900k processor, so basically a similar setup as yours. Don’t think twice and go for it as you will clearly spend many hours with it like me. You will enjoy it. It’s a superb card and you can run game with maxed settings.


100% I had the 2080TI now use the 3080TI and the performance is phenomenal. 2080ti gave me a ton of stuttering. Absolutely none with the 3080 in vr or without vr :slight_smile: beast!!

Has FPS remained the same or increased?

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Huge increase. Its a beast.

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