Realistic damage effects and models

I know this is probably not possible, or not something most people want, but is it possible for there to be a more realistic damage model and more realistic damage effects in the future? It looks a lot like the fire effects still look basically the same as in FSX, and it would be interesting to have your engine cut out or blow out from overstressong it, instead of a black screen. Same goes for overstressing your aircraft. It would be more interesting to see it break up. I’m sure this would probably require an ESRB change, but would making it DLC make it a possibility?


Honestly, I’d even like to have some sort of damage model. It’s not like that the real pilots can just turn their damage off, they will have to face some sort of error, whether to great, or to small. It would be nice to get a grasp on a “belly landing,” or an engine failure (this could be easier just by shutting down the engine, but where’s the fun in that?), or a landing gear failure, without the use of “Assists.”

And with O.P., plane tearing apart from over-stress, would be pretty cool, but quite difficult if not built ‘into’ the plane models from start, I believe. Only game I know that has this damage is War Thunder.

And in reply to OP: No ESRB change, as there’s nothing involved to require change. Is it adding violence? Only if passengers become an entity within game, where you actually can see them in airports, or watch them being driven by bus up to your plane and board by mobile stairs. Weapons? Only if they introduce fighter jets/bombers/attack choppers/AC-130. Drugs/Sex/Rock n Roll? Only if there becomes Cartel style missions.

Oh I would love to see damage modeled. Explosions, planes flying apart, landing gear getting ripped off that kind of stuff. I doubt they will do it but it would be very cool to see. Probably wouldn’t make it run any better either lol. It would be like combining FS and BeamNG. Good luck running that lol.

And yes, I think having the planes come apart or get crushed would require a complete overhaul of the models in the game. And I certainly don’t see them doing that. Could be an option with add ons though? I think explosions, fire, tire smoke and water effects should be doable though. I really like this sim but I will be honest and say I was rather let down and unimpressed with the water interaction in this sim. Flying close the water or landing on it is kind of gross its current state.

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I know it would be awesome to have a proper damage model, the problem is aircraft manufactures don’t exactly like to see their aircraft in a million pieces.

IL-2 Sturmovik has an even better damage model than War Thunder, and I don’t really think aircraft manufacturers really would object to realistic destruction of aircraft in a simulation, as it really shouldn’t bring any negative light to their planes. Things break when they crash, and it’s not real, so it doesn’t really matter to anyone in reality, it’s just a nice extra effect. And back in the days before FSX, visual damage with bits and pieces flying off aircraft was modeled, albeit disabled in FS2002 and FS2004 by default, likely due to the cultural backlash 9/11 had caused. I think we have moved past that enough to consider a realistic damage model eventually though.

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I think they do care because I have seen it mentioned in several cases where manufacturers for both cars and planes put that restriction on licensing the product for use. If it was true or not I do not know. I can say I have dealt with the big three GM, Ford and Chrysler before and they are very picky.

I also play Second Life and I used to be a content creator there. We made Drag Racing cars and had a racing sim. We tried to get permission from them to use their names and likeness in the game. Dodge said no because they were thinking of doing it (they never did). GM said yes but the price to do it was insanely high and the rules very strict to the point where it wasn’t worth it. Ford not only said no, they sent out cease and dissist letters and threatened to sue if we did it lmao. And I know of at least two content creators that got their accounts taken away for continuing to use trademarked names on their cars.

I know this might not be important but I think it would be cool to see the plane disintegrate instead of a black screen. It doesn’t have to be very complex, maybe just better than the one in X-plane, but I understand that if it isn’t good it might ruin the realism of the surrounding environment and the sim as a whole. Just an idea :slight_smile:

Yes, in many ways I would like to see this too. But… I can do without it also.

In iRacing there are many cars, just like there are many planes here in MSFS.

In iRacing, introducing cars that get damage to them created many bugs in that sim. Thirty planes and the chance of creating many new bugs to this sim is just not worth the thrill of watching a plane crack up; to me.

I could totally do without a damage model in MSFS. In my opinion, the bugs are just not worth it.

The damage model in iRacing was a contributing factor in my leaving that sim, at least for a while until they sort it out and make it work for either driver involved in a crash.

Sorry, but I am going to have to press the “no” button here.

Seems in poor taste considering the real life crashes in recent history. The Boeing Max, Air Asiana, 9/11, etc, etc, etc. Hard ‘no’ from me.

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In my opinion at least something would be better than the current black screen “you broke something” we have right now. Even X-Plane has some modicum of a damage model where if you really bonk the airplane onto the runway it’ll break systems without kicking you out of the plane.

Yup. I too would like to skid along the runway, or sink into water instead of an instant black screen. It doesn’t really have to contain any visual damage. Investigating the place after the crash could be nice too.

On top of that it would indeed be nice if you are unable to start up the engine, have malfunctioning flaps, …

Right now taxiing your Zlin slowly into a building causes death. :smiley: Now I can imagine bumping a 747 into a building at 3kts will cause a lot of damage to the plane and building because of its weight. But a zlin at 3kts should still be able to fly I think? It may not be safe but oh well.


Yup the damage model makes no sense. You also get death / end of flight if one of your wheels touches the water while taxiing on a beach, but you can slam your plane hard on landing and it’s fine, as long as your propeller doesn’t touch the ground. The damage model is a joke and not worthy of a simulator.

Damage modeling is definitely a must. Too much g forces, faulty gear / instruments etc must be simulated for this to be a respectable simulator. Otherwise it will just be all fun and games and pretty much not useful for real-life pilots. I am currently in the middle of my PPL studies and I’d like to see how the different extreme conditions really affect the planes.