Realistic Dangerous Weather - Physics Simulation

Thats a pitty because weather is literally the most iportant aspect in the aviation world.

This sim have definitely a lot of potential and that comes from hardcore xplane fan.

So lets keep this thread alive and with fingers crossed, it might get more attention.


I’d say that weather is especially important for a non-combat sim like MS Flight Simulator that can’t lean on the excitement of dogfighting/bombing/etc. In Flight Sim, once you get up into the air, there’s not much else to interact with outside of the cockpit except for the weather. They’ve gone a long way toward the visual side of the weather, but if it doesn’t physically affect your plane, and you can fly straight through thunderstorms, it doesn’t really amount to much. It’d be like a kayaking simulator visually showing rapids and turbulent water but not actually having them affect your kayak…

I’ve loved the new thermals and heat lift/sink model that Asobo has added, especially when flying in gliders, which are close to my heart, and the upcoming unlocking of the lift-rate is very exciting. Now, I hope that they can finish the work of adding the rest of the dynamic physics to the sky that will make the visual weather truly interactive, dangerous, exciting, and interesting.


And now back again :sweat_smile:


Thats good! Actually Im really surprised that this thread got only 360 votes.

Cmon ppl! dangerous weather is more important than trains and world updates!

Flying in CB cloud is something that my captain is still terified to this day!


Unfortunately I’m not surprised, especially after reading many posts (even recent) that claim that the way msfs treat turbulence and atmosphere is amazing, realistic “don’t touch it” so on… they talk like if they were expert in aviation, I mention it this way because when you reply in a nice matter with empirical elements (not opinion) that it’s totally wrong then for some of them it looks like it is taken too personally which makes no sense. anyway

Somehow it proves that many users have zero idea about how it goes in real skies and even in XP12/Active sky (lol) there’s no need to be a pilot as I am to notice that turbulence and phenomena are not as it is supposed to be in msfs, many youtube vidoes that show explicitly how the real skies could be very dangerous even lethal in aviation, this is what we learn when we are student pilots, it is so important… Well what else can I say for a sim that don’t considere it as important as much as it is… (except for ground/relief turb that are well done in the sim imo. Even more than XP12 I will say)

On the other side, for instance, by testing the New Active Sky Open Beta/XP12 two days ago, I choose a spot with severe weather “unsafe” conditions, well I crashed my bird because of being stuck in TS (which makes sense), it stalled, full of ice and there were up/downdrafts around 6000 ft, as planned based on the SIGMET stating huge convective CB at 500 ft, indeed 3 minutes later after taking off my plane kissed the ground very badly…

So yeap I was expected the same in msfs BETA 12 but but but well “360 votes” only but still… certianly not enough to make a call to Asobo that even talked about realism, unlimited draft in Q&A and so on, however when I now see the “result” I’m septical even if I’m still open to believe that someday they will make that sim realistic because again flying a Cub in TS it is just cosmetic and arcade mode fashion as a matter of fact. What about their priorities? No idea but it looks like “realism” is not on the top of them.

After all this is not the end of SU12 we are still on beta but flying through the same METAR (TS/CB) as on Xplane 12 just to compare, it ended up to msfs with no turbulence (or barely) and definitely not any convective up/downdraft, no effect at all despite “realistic” mode checked… That means something to me…


It’s a ‘‘flight simulator’’ and not a ‘‘space simulator’’,
the aircraft moves through air and not a vacuum
and the air has always an influence on the aircraft, sometimes less noticeable, sometimes it throws you around and in the worst case it can take you down.

That’s a fact.

Why people can’t understand this is beyond me.


XP12 does not simulate mechanical turbulence unfortunately, I don’t know whether active sky does.

You are correct, lot of people complains that turbulence is too much other that it is too weak…

I would hire some aviation/meteorological specialists, make the sim as real as possible with option to turn off things for people who thinks that it is too severe/too hard not the other way around.

But the ugly truth is, that there is more people out there who use this sim for sightseeing and with only little knowledge about aviation, they are more excited about visuals rather than realistic weather.

So If you wanna earn more, for which group would you focus? :wink:


To be fair they currently focus pretty much on the thermals, up&down drafts and missing cloud turbulence.
There are still big problems, but let’s see if they can fix them by the end of the beta or maybe beyond.

The option to reduce/ disbale turbulence is the right direction, because otherwise they wont be able to implement anything realistic, because people will complain no matter what. This helping assistant opens the door for more possible realism updates.

My point of view is:
More realism = more things to be aware of and to do = more fun = more people playing the sim


Dangerous weather would open the door for amazing flight challenges!

For example,
“Collect supercell data with the Bonanza”
Current Objective: Survive


I agree! on my end, I want to do Hurricane Hunting with a WP3D Orion and Feel the storm, the thrill etc, not just my plane crabing…


that would be one way trip :smile:

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This part of the review talking about the Black Square Bonanza improvement mod is just perfect and can be also used to describe why ‘‘realistic dangerous weather’’ simulation would be a good thing:

…I want to have consequences to my actions…
…If you make it to your destination without anything bad happening it feels so much more rewarding!

And on the flipside, flying from A to B without the possibility of anything bad can happen is just: boring.