Realistic night road traffic with headlights and tail lights driving on the road

I really want to see road traffic like it is in X-Plane with the head and tail lights driving on roads and highways. Really helps with immersion of a living world.

I don’t know why I never noticed it before, but I don’t think I see any vehicles on the road at night. Or if they are there their lights definitely aren’t moving. It looks like most roads have a fixed set of vehicle lights (either white headlights or red taillights) but none of them are moving.

It would be a nice enhancement to realism!

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So it turns out the vehicle are there but you can’t really see them because they have no lights.

Interestingly enough the roads all have floating white lights and floating red lights, presumably actual car lights from satellite photos. It might be a limitation of the technology but obviously it would be cool if those were replaced with real moving vehicles, with while/red lights.

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I’ve been doing some night flying and the floating lights are everywhere. Not sure if it’s my system or what. I grabbed a screenshot after I landed and you can see them behind my plane. All the street lights are floating like this. I thought maybe it was just one area but I’ve flown from CT to PA and it’s been this way the entire trip.

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Once people figure out how to work with the offline traffic system, I could see freeware ships and ferries being released. There is an extensive worldwide ships and ferries package that was developed for FSX and updated for P3D. My understanding is the FSX models will work in MSFS but with issues and limitations.

Please give us cars that turn on the lights at night when they drive with headlights and taillights. And not like it is now, the static white and red balls on the street where unlit cars drive past in the dark. Do it like in X-Plane!

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There needs to be ships and Ferries BC Ferries in Canada, Washington State Ferries in Washington, E.T.C. Also Roads and ferry terminals are very weird even on Ultra mode.

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Busy shipping routes and ports should also have many ships / boats in the FS with appropriate lighting at night.

I don’t have a clue if this is new or not, but I am just now coming in to a landing, and am noticing headlights and taillights on cars on the road.

I know that they have make lights but in the past they were static! is what you have seen now moving or static? i have not testet it

they’re moving along the road. just like I would expect them to.

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thats new, i have not seen moving lights before. i will see tomoro! Thank you for the information!

no problem, I saw the lights moving, and recalled a topic was made here on this subject, so decided to look for it again. Hope you’ll find the same.

I agree with OP. Road traffic in MSFS needs to be improved a lot. I found this image on Reddit for comparison.


yes real trains planes and automobiles Ships, Ferries power lines would be great for imersion


A lot of the time road traffic kills immersion when you see cars and trucks doing G squashing 90 or 180 degree instant turns and appearing and disappearing tricks. I would rather see them just disappear rather than doing instant 180’s! Much longer tracks with intelligent movement would be great. And boats- place procedurally at random. The last patches seem to have less and less ships and boats.


But, nothing at the expense of FPS

in XP11 you can indeed see cars move along the road at night with their lights.
you can see it clearly from the distance.

in MSFS they are static even on ULTRA

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The cars in mfs is not static, but they are very low resolution and almost transparent and very difficult to spot from the air. And its very few car models so it is alot of repetition and the tail and headlights are very bad visible.

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I really hope they fix the car issue soon. Flying at night is nowhere near as realistic as it is in XPlane with the cars head/tail lights moving along busy highways like in the real world. :cry:
Yes the general scenery looks more realistic than XP but cars going along roads is crucial for realism.

Has there been any news from the developers on this?


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