Realistic Sensitivity settings updated to latest software for default planes

Hi, there have been some topics like this one, but I did not found any updated answer from real pilots.
Can any real airliner and propeller pilots share your updated sensitivity settings for a realistic feel of a joystick (A320 and others) and yoke (all the yoke planes) please?

Please for the default planes only. Not for third party planes or Mods.

Many thanks in advance

I am a HUGE believer that the best setting is that which provides the most direct (linear) input. If you want a smooth experience, learn to use a smooth, light touch from the beginning. Think of control input as control pressure.
I have my axis all set to 0% with a very small deadzone. I can get away with the small deadzone because my stick is optical and so has no jitter. That is a setting you will just have to experiment to find your stick/yoke best %. I would start at 5 and work up if needed.

Many here will tell you the best sensitivity settings. I’ll get flamed but for axis the best is default. If you change the resolution at the start then the end will be over sensitive and you will lose resolution at slow speeds were you need the larger control deflection. That means your flare will be almost impossible to not over or under control. Learn to control your aircraft with subtle control movement and you WILL be a better pilot for it.


I agree, the closer to 0% the better. How close you can get to 0% depends on the quality and total available movement of your controller (if you have very little throw / rotation in your stick/yoke, it will be quite hard to control at 0%).

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Agree with all that. I have 0% set for pitch, and roll,no dead zone either. It feels very comfortable.

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