Reality over MSFS official pictures

MSFS advertisement picture from Asia movie and reality flying (ultra setting with 950 Mbps bandwidth …). What’s the problem !


They stated they update this all the time, you can’t have all water masking all at once, it wont works, it’s done manually, these are current progress they show. Those that are available are here for now Water Masking.. It's just so Beautiful!

The software have World Update, Sim update, you need a bit more patience. World update should be next and this include Bing update\modelled airports\mission\activity.

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Thanks … just flying over Turks and Caicos island … so nice !

Yeah except that’s the exact same location in both pictures… it’s advertising that exact spot as looking like that, and it’s not even close.

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They are advertising something that is not in the current game. That’s dishonest.


Yes, exactly this. I’ve been spending a lot of time flying all around The Philippines in MSFS 2020 and while I won’t say I’ve seen it all (not even close) I have yet to come across one coastal region with ‘water masking’ in even partial effect, let alone full glorious effect as shown in that ridiculous marketing photo.

It really is very disappointing. SE Asia is such a stunning region of the world - yet so little of that comes through with the state MSFS 2020 is in at the moment. And don’t get me started on the terrible state of some of the texturing in Sri Lanka… :unamused:

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