Really Frustrated with the Update Downloads

Really frustrated by the forced updates that takes more than 2 days to download the mandatory updates with less than 0.1 Mbits/s. (My internet speed is 30 Mbits/s). And annoyingly, it takes so many days to download these forced updates. I bought the game to play and not wait. My steam playtime shows 167 hours, half of which is just by downloading this stupid updates. Really really really sad and frustrated. I give 1 star for the user experience on updates. :frowning:

my four time on doing the bloody update,
BIG fat Stars again …

too bad, microsoft doesn’t care to make use of its servers when major updates are coming. :confused:

I had to re-install the entire game, as the game deleted itself!

Been open downloading since 4PM on Launch day, and I have 50Mb/s internet and its only 50% done!

Its gonna take me another 2-3 days fully straight of it being open before it downloads. Whats frustrating is the launcher is taking around 10-20% of my GPU 3D Usage for some reason and this means I get 10% less performance in other games when the launcher is open!

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