Really poor ground textures and LOD since SU15

Since SU15 I have seen extremely poor ground textures and LOD. Overall the graphics seem off as well.

Before posting here I even went and reinstalled the sim entirely and yet the same issue prevails despite no mods in use and graphics settings all at high or ultra. I have checked nvidia control panel and I haven’t changed anything, the same with geforce experience.

My internet speed is extremely fast at around 900mbps and i’m running MSFS on an SSD. PC Specs are also good with an RTX 3080, i9-10900K and 32GB RAM and i never had any graphics issues before this update.

Finally, I also updated to the latest nvidia driver: 555.99 (after reinstalling MSFS) and this hasn’t changed anything. I am at a loss for what to do, I have attached some screenshots of the issue here:

and graphics settings here:


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Make sure General Options → Data → Use Bing Map Data is turned ON.

Turn Trees and Grass and Bushes down to Medium. (High if you must, but Ultra isn’t worth it.)

Set Windshield Effects to Medium.

After doing the above, experiment with turning TLOD up.

Keep in mind that TLOD controls how far away textures are being loaded. At higher altitudes you can use higher TLOD, while on the ground you only need a low number. But unless and until the sim implements a true user-configurable dynamic FPS/ LOD system, you can’t have it both ways.

I also read a tip that adding 5 points improve things. Don’t know if it’s true, but I set TLOD at 145, and OLOD at 105.

Turn Anisotropic Filtering OFF in the sim, and set it to 16X in NvCP.

There are numerous reports that the modifications they made to LOD for Xbox are…problematic. I’ve noticed it as well on my PC. But I’ve been assured that nothing they do to improve playability on Xbox negatively affects my PC in any way. It must be my imagination.

That’s all I’ve got…


Make sure your cache is cleared, and also the Windows cache too.

Your i9 should be able to do better than that, and I agree with the above suggestions to reduce some of the peripheral effects like windshield, and increase the TLOD and LOD sliders until you start to get stutters, then knock them back a little.
The in-game FPS counter can help you set these sliders accurately, as you can see the moment the CPU starts to buckle.

Just one thing to add, which I know is too late in this instance, but it might save you time in the future. Uninstalling and reinstalling the whole sim is a waste of time and bandwidth in 99 cases out of 100.


thank you. I may have seen a bit of an improvement now but still just feels like the LOD is less than what it used to be. Going all the way up to 400 for TLOD didn’t make much difference, other than tanking fps obviously.

what cache do you mean? the rolling cache? and also how would i clear the windows cache? thanks

rolling cache?yes
and i delite also this

but the lod for me is not as good as before su15,the sim look not the same :-1:

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ok thanks! Yeah its weird because i’ve not seen many other posts at all on these forums about lower LOD after SU15

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Since the update you should see the state it’s been left in on Xbox.

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