Really strange behavior with airspeed since Sim Update 3

I’ll try my best to describe this. So I’m flying at cruise altitude in otherwise calm conditions, and the aircraft shudders hard briefly like a quick jolt of turbulence. When this happens, my airspeed instantly either jumps or decreases by about 80-100 knots. Happens every single flight, and I’m pretty sure only with live weather turned on. Also, with live weather on, I seem to always have lightning on every flight, no matter the actual conditions in the region I’m flying. Seems like both issues are connected, but not sure. Has anyone had the same thing occur? I only fly the WT CJ4 mod, but the dev team doesn’t think it’s an issue with the mod. Really strange. Thanks.

Also, I should note, a couple days after the sim update, I went to fire it up and the load screens took about 5 times longer than normal, plus, the Caravan was selected in the World Map screen, which I have never selected or flown before. It finally froze up completely on another load screen and I wound up force quitting the sim. I almost feel like something got corrupted. After this was when I actually first noticed the issues.

Airspeed change at the time your plane shakes is likely due to a change in upper level wind direction. That level of shear doesn’t sound very realistic, but going from a headwind to a tailwind (or the other way) will have a drastic effect on airspeed. As for the rest, no clue…

I’ve also experienced this when live weather updates itself. It usually coincides with a sudden change in altitude, usually only a few hundred feet.

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The barometic pressure has been changing drastically for me, suddenly, causing my altitude to be off by 700-800 feet.

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I changed your title to say “Sim Update 3”. I want to help anyone searching for this topic in the future to know which sim update this was.

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Sounds like there’s a hole in the Live Weather data. So you’re suddenly going from jetstream level winds to no wind at all, or vice versa. The change in upper level winds shouldn’t be that abrupt unless you’re in a thunderstorm or severe clear air turbulence.

Had this happen after planning a hop in the XCub over the North Sea. I needed the tailwind to reach my destination, but the Live Weather upper level winds just abruptly cut out. The jolt kicked off my autopilot, and then I had to ditch after coming up short on fuel. Pretty annoying after a long flight, and I wish you could actually see what weather data the sim is going to use before you start your flight.

Several users are reporting that the Live Weather hasn’t been updating for the past 3 days or so. So you might hit that same upper level wind wall and see the same erroneous lightning because the simulator just keeps downloading old data.

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