Recent problems with CH Yoke & Pedals not detected

Hi All,

I’ve been using my CH Flight Sim Yoke and CH Pro Pedals without any trouble since MSFS was released, but now within the last couple of weeks I have an intermittent issue where they are not being detected.

Before going any further I want to say that I think this is more of a Windows 10 issue than specifically a MSFS issue, because I’ve noticed that when I have the problem the CH Control Manager tool also fails to detect them. Luckily when this has happened a reboot has fixed it.

My question before I go crazy with additional troubleshooting is, has anyone else using either of these had anything similar happen recently? I’m wondering if it could be a recent Windows Update? I am currently on Win ver. 20H2 and up to date on OS updates.

Thanks in advance!

I have the same setup and have had no issues so far.

But in case you don’t know (and are ever in need) “Digikey” has a bunch of replacement parts for these CH controllers. I bought and replaced all the pots a few months ago as the originals were getting worn out.

A search using “CH Products” on Digikey will show you what they have.

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Thanks for the info. They are both fairly new, but it’s good to know that parts are available if I need them.

After I posted this it occurred to me that this started happening around the time that I first installed a USB Pen Tablet. I don’t have it connected right now, but I am now thinking it could be a driver compatibility issue.

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My yoke is in the simulator graveyard, but I still use the pedals (with H/C alpha/bravo). No problem reported for the pedals at all.

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