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I see a lot of Topics got “CLOSED” yesterday … it looks like the criteria may have been inactivity for more than 2 months.

So, apart from not being able to contribute any further post to a “Closed” Topic, what other purpose does “Closing” a Topic serve, if the reason for closing was not a CoC, or a merge situation ?

Note: All these Topics were just “CLOSED” with no stated reason given.
If the reason was that the topic was Inactive, then it would seem prudent to say so, for anyone else later reading these Closed Posts.

I assume these CLOSED Topics will NOT be DELETED, because many of them contain a lot of good information, and represent a lot of time and effort by users, to inform others of aspects of MSFS.
They also provide a wealth of information to both current users, and to new users of MSFS.

If they are considers to be “old news”, hopefully they can be moved to an Archive section, still accessible by users – if it is felt they need to be separated out form the main forum, to “Clean it up”


I noticed this action too. So, it is not just you. They must have their reasons, but I agree, please do not purge those posts.

If the posts do get purged then give us your reasons, please.

We closed all posts with more than 1 month of inactivity on some subforums, this will happen automatically in the future as well, as stated below the posts. That’s all can say.

Not discussing moderation actions further as per Code of Conduct

Thanks, AB533!

No issues from me with your actions. Your sandbox, your rules!

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Well, actually…the issue I have is that my ‘unread’ list is now so full of closed topics that are months old it’s very hard see where there are actual updated topics I want to read. I have no problem with them closing old posts as most forums these days have a rule about not punting old topics to the top, but if they do it again could they please not flood the unread list with useless data?

Please see Forum Post Closures & Notifications

Thank you :slight_smile: