Recomend a flight stick

Not strictly VR as I am waiting for the HP Verb to come back in stock before going VR. At the moment though I have a Logitech Extreme 3d pro flight stick which I am not very happy with. It seems to me to be very stiff and jerky. Changing the view with the front button also gives variable results. I am looking for an alternative around about the same price level. Hotas maybe? Or something similar. Any comments welcome.

I would recommend Thrustmaster T.16000M, it is little more but not much.

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I get along just nice with my Saitek X52 setup with keyboard in between. Going to buy a trackball to use instead of the trackpad on keyboard.

I got a few other items im also looking forward to use in the sim… although not in VR


I am the proud owner of a good old Saitek X52 pro and it fits almost all of my needs.
Only disadvantage could be that I cannot split the throttle in case of a twin engined plane.
But that’s all… Every single button and slider is usable and is very accurate.

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Who do you need X52 when you have a full cockpit setup in the background?


It just feels weird to fly a small stick plane or a fighter jet or a helicopter or… with a yoke!

Sounds like it’s not ready to use yet.

I chose the TCA Airbus edition (a reskinned Thrustmaster T.16000M) because it uses Hall effect sensors in the pitch/roll axes instead of potentiometers. That should make it more reliable in the long run.

I don’t actually have it yet but it’s backordered at Amazon.

Sharp of you :slight_smile:

I just got mine and I love it !

To me, it feld a bit weird for only a few minutes.
You simply cannot have exact replicas of control devices for every kind of aircraft.

Thrustmaster Warthog 'nuff said.

If you want to go a bit higher quality than Thrustmaster there’s VKB Gladiator NXT and then the Gunfighter. I’ve flown with different joysticks since the eighties and I thought there couldn’t be anything that could top the Gravis joystick from the nineties … and then my VKB Gunfighter arrived.

Thanks for the replies. In the end I settled for the Thrustmaster T Flight Hotas one. Whether this was the right decision I am beginning to doubt. I ordered direct from the Thrustmaster UK website with delivery in 5 to 7 days. When I tried tracking my order UPS gave me a delivery date of Wednesday 3rd March at 1530 hours. I have no way of contacting Thrustmaster to confirm the delivery or cancel the order. No email or telephone contact is given on their site. I can only hope that UPS got the delivery information wrong. Otherwise I am in for a very long wait or I will have to lodge a complaint with Paypal to get my money back. Not very impressed with Thustmaster customer service

Wow… their “Contact Us” page actually gives a 404! Amazing…

Lol. Yes of course I was mostly kidding. Still I used to switch to a gamepad for helicopters instead of the Saitek\G yoke system before getting a stick.

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