Recommend the best companion apps to use alongside MSFS2020

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Thanks for the suggestion–added!

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I’ll add a new one here for a career option that can be done completely single player on your own time which is a fantastic fit for me. It does include online aspects as well though.

I’ve been using it for the last few flight along with Self Loading Cargo. Cost is fair and it really adds purpose for airliners.

A Pilot’s Life - Promo vid


If you like to have your custom registration on the side of your airplanes, this is a real time and annoyance saver. Utility that lets you set a custom default registration for all aircraft (only need to run it once). All it does is edit the plane.cfg files. ATCRENAMER Master folder has other add-ons too.

I’ll try again. Installed and updated before first try. I have simconnect for FSEconomy. Would that be the correct/same simconnect? If not, maybe that’s the issue.

I tried it but “My Windows 10” did not like the exe, and deleted it … I’ll try again as Admin.

But can it EDIT the Tail Number etc, in the Deluxe & Premium Planes, or any addon planes that are also Encoded, and the aircarft.cfg is not visible for editing ?

Looks cool! Their official website doesn’t have support for MSFS2020 listed, but it sounds like you have it up and running, so that’s good. I’ve added it to the main compilation!

From main page:



Just make sure you have the latest version of FSUIPC ( V7 ) installed and configured properly and you are ready to explore the new world with the help of APL!

This looks pretty handy, I’m going to be trying it out today:

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Sweet, let us know how it performs! I’ve added it to the main list in the meantime.

Still not able to get FltPlan to work with the simm, I followed their instructions, same network, start Simconnect, start the simm, start Fltplan GPS, nothing. It works fine with X-Plane. Plan G works fine with the FSX or X-Plane database and LittleNavmap Beta 2.6 works very well with the MSFS data base, or X-plane, or Navigraph, if you are a subscriber. If anybody has any ideas about FltPln Go, I would appreciate any info.

Maybe try the instructions found here:

Thanks for the info.

I have come back to this thread a number of times and found it extremely useful. Thanks to everyone who has provided recommendations on apps, I know it has really helped me.

However the Mods really need to sticky/pin this thread, it will make it so much easier for others to find it.


Don’t know if it has been mentioned. But the mod for removing the tooltips (which Asobo is unwilling to give to us) is my favorite.

You can add my free software if you like. It’s for displaying cockpit instruments on a separate monitor. Very similar to AirManager but completely free and doesn’t require fsuipc as it connects directly with SimConnect. It can be downloaded from GitHub user scott-vincent where you can also find full instructions, screenshots and a link to YouTube showing it in action.

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Bold move not directly linking to your page in your post. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Luckily I’m familiar with GitHub and was able to find it.

This looks like the Rasberry Pi version of MobiFlight, which is arduino focused–love it!
I’ve added it to the main post.

One suggestion I’d give is to include installation instructions in your For people not so familiar with GitHub they won’t know to click the Releases section to be able to download the software.

This tip did not worked for me. The program mentioned ask you to download their own app to connect to FS2020, and I think that include a simconnect, once you activate this little app you can see your ID and it shows your position in their own map, the utility gives you the choice to broadcast to your network, but FltPlan Go does not see you even using their Simconnect and FltPlan GPS, I tried all kinds of combination but nothing worked, either using FSX o X-Plane in the external tab.

I’m sorry, dude, you must be doing something wrong if it’s working for someone else. I can’t help ya’ much more and I’d suggest you contact their support as they’d be better equipped to figure out what’s wrong.

Thanks. I’ve created a new release (v.1.3.0) as I realised I’ve made quite a few changes in the last week. I’ve also added a Quick Start section to the Readme as per your suggestion. The correct link is: Instrument Panel

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Awesome! Quick start looks good. It looks like you hard linked to the 1.3.0 release though, which works fine for now, but any time you push a new release you’ll have to update your I’d suggest just linking directly to the releases page for each of the components instead (e.g. and These will always contain the latest releases you push and the raspi download as well!

As an example you can see how AITrack does it in their “Installing and Running” section.