Recommendations for hardware radio panel?


Looking for hardware radio panels for Com/nav, etc and would like to avoid Logitech and software FSRadioPanel.

What other manufacturers are out thier?

Bonusppoints for FC panels as I am not found of the Bravo ALFC panel.

Thank you

Hi how are things.
I use Logitech (Saitek).
No problem.

check out Class Echo Kit, amazing device


That looks sweet, but the 4.3 in screen is way to small trying to make changes. If they had a 6 or 8 in screen I would be interested.

checkout SkyElite I run it on a separate pc and have 2 monitors ,one running the PFD and the other Map. Try Touch Portal too

I have been using the Logitech unit forever and no problems. FWIW

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I use an iPad together with the MSFS Mobile companion app.
I am hoping still that maybe some day Honeycomb releases such kind of hardware.

Do the Logitech radio panels also work with the airliners? Is Spad required or will it work out of the box?

I have the Logitech radio panel, and I cannot get it to do anything. When the USB cable is plugged in, the panel does not light up, and MSFS 2020 does not recognize it. I downloaded the Logitech utility for it, but get no confirmation that anything happens when I run it. Is there some workaround to get th radio panel to light up and work ?

Hello, I give you a video.
This is what I did.
If it doesn’t work for you, we’ll look at something else to see.

Phawary labs radio panel is available for use on Android, I use it on a tablet embedded into a panel I built, it works really well with GA aircraft. It costs about £8.

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I tried this, but my system does not identify the radio panel as such, only various HID names, and the device manager does not look like yours. It does not give me the correct second half of the Device Instance Path.

Hi, I’m at work now. 2 hours I go home and we look at that and I help you.

Hello, what if you are here? Now we will look at that and I will help you