Recommendations for other aviation games

MSFS2020 has really sparked an interest in aviation for me! Are there any other good aviation games (not flight sims). I’m thinking like airport simulators or ATC sims?

I’m not sure if recommending other products is ok here, but Tower 3D Pro is a good ATC game.

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Definitely DCS it’s free to play and if you have a crush headset it’s a lot more fun. They also have study level aircraft.

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Isn’t DCS a flight sim? :wink:
Once you’ve got used to the MSFS graphics you simply can’t go other sims. I did try.
For beginners MSFS default aircraft are study level aircraft.


Yeah, pretty hard to fly in anything else now; maybe just space ones.

Yeah, I’ll definitely have to check out DCS at some point, but for my actual flying needs MSFS has got me set!

Agreed on MSFS default aircrafts being study level aircrafts for beginners, hah! I loved being slowly eased into the world of flying. My aircraft progression went C152 > C172 > G36 > TBM930 > A320!

I just started playing with all assists off too! :grin:


Great to see you’re enjoying the sim. The default aircraft are really good for beginners; they’re modeled that way for the most part xD
But in regards to your post, I’m not entirely sure. VATSIM offers the ability to conduct ATC operations with other simmers but that requires practice and a lot of knowledge of ATC ops.

Tower3d Pro is nice yeah but the graphics are from the 90s or so😆 I enjoyed the game nevertheless. Owned like 10 airports

Right now, nothing can beat MSFS 2020
Graphics, weather, clouds, etc
But, as I already said on a different thread, DCS World has, by far, the best flight model, physics and aerodynamics
By far.
Perhaps is not a fair comparison : military aircrafts vs civilian aircrafts

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Already flying on VATSIM and I love it!

This game seems cool, but the pricing model seems as expensive as a flight sim with a bunch of payware. :money_mouth_face:

I vaguely remember a more cartoony game where you had to traffic aircraft in to land. It might’ve been a mobile game, but I can’t remember the name now… :tired_face:

EDIT: Found it!
Flight Control
It looks a lot more simple then I remember :sweat_smile:

Ahah! So that what all the ghastly bugs are for!

Found a couple of more games that look cool, would love to hear if anyone has tried these:

  1. Airport CEO - still in early access
  2. Sky Haven - Currently in early alpha access

And looking forward to hearing more recommendations!

Jane’s F-15.