Recommendations on rudder pedals that are actually available

Hi. I’m in the process of building my gaming PC primarily for MSFS. I have the Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo ordered, but I’m having trouble deciding on rudder pedals, with availability, or lack thereof, further complicating things. I’d like to keep it below $250 if possible, unless the cheaper options won’t serve me well. I was thinking about the CH Pro, but the build quality kinda concerns me. Would love to get some recommendations. Thanks.

The CH Pro pedals are an absolute tank. I’ve used them almost daily for 5+years now and they’re still going strong. Build quality shouldn’t be your concern for these pedals. The one thing that does make me want to switch is that IMO it doesn’t really feel like the aircraft I’ve flown IRL; the detent and force feedback is much too strong/noticable for me.

I can’t speak for other products but that’s my take on the CH Pro, hope it helps!


I second the CH Pro Pedals; mine are sturdy and work great! :small_airplane:

I bought my set of pedals in 2004, then after a while they were a bit soft (weak springs), so I found a way to do a complete rework, by changing to stronger springs(yaw) and remove the detents, install a much milder center detent, they work like charm. I posted the details in another thread that include CH Yoke and Pedals. I will wait until Honeycomb release its Charlie Pedals to upgrade, anything else, way to expensive for my pocket. I also had a set of Saitek Pedals, they failed after 3 years of light use, the usb board failed, and no spares to be found, I tried a joystick arduino type board but they were never the same.

Bought Thrustmaster TPR pendular pedals. Quite pricy but just about thr best sim equipment I have ever bought. Now it is a joy to taxie an take off and landing can be done very precisely. Can only recomend if the cash is available.


Not sure about availability but MFG Crosswinds are very good both in how well they work and how well they are made. A good solid investment.


I have the MFG Crosswind V2’s. A little more pricey, but worth every penny, and are very adjustable, changes like toe in or toe out, the angle your feet rest at, the spacing etc. And there are replaceable parts so you can set how the centre behaves, in essence a hardware response curve.


I’m using Logitech G pedals currently £129 on Amazon Uk. Don’t know availability in US.

TBH I don’t know how they compare with other competing products since they are the only pedals I have used. That said, they are pretty sturdy, stay fixed to the floor carpet and are much better than yaw on my thrustmaster t 16000m joystick.

Yup. A good level of adjustability, well made, really accurate and smooth movement with the HAL sensors, plus the return to centre is nice and smooth with no horrible centre indent. :+1:t2:


I am afraid I have to say I had a very poor experience with my CH Pro Pedals - there was strange spiking and phantom input with mine when I didn’t touch the pedals and also when I put small inputs in. This meant the aircraft would violently run off the runway.

They were also extremely stiff to the point where they just stayed in the position I removed my feet at. I could not recommend them at all.

I ended up returning them and sent for a set of MFG Crosswinds - double the price but for me, worth it. Smooth, precise and excellent build quality. I ordered them two Mondays ago and they were here 7 days later. It appears stock is added every Monday around 11am GMT. I thoroughly recommend them!

I am Using the VKB T-Rudder MK.IV. Works great for me.

I would certainly NOT recommend the Thrustmaster TFRP. Cheap plastic, stiction and slop, and very difficult to use accurately.


Thanks for the feedback, all. I did some more checking based on your comments and it looks like both the TPR and MFG Crosswind pedals are endangered species. Can’t even find them on eBay or Craigslist. If anyone has any inside baseball on how to get my hands on either of those, I’m all ears. Otherwise I think the game plan will be to try getting the CH pedals for now, then step up to the Honeycomb Charlie pedals if/when they ever come out.

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they cost 200$ but are full metal (aluminum), and you can probably resell them later for a good price. This is a major difference to cheap plastic ones that also aren’t very good.

If you are in Europe, they deliver from Netherlands. I got mine after 4 days.

same. they were in stock 2 weeks ago but currently out of stock. maybe this window of opportunity passed

I have the same pedals but can not get the sensitivity right so I am all over the runway. Do you have suggestions.

I mentioned this technique on another thread.

First make sure there is no stiction in the rudder pedals, and that you have set a medium exponential curve. If your rudder pedals have a separate app for setting it up, use that one instead of the one built into MSFS, which doesn’t offer much control.

When using the rudder, keep pressure on both pedals. Rather than pushing on one to make a correction or turn, release the pressure on the other side instead. Once the airplane starts to make the correction, reverse the correction, but only about half of it. Especially with a taildragger, your feet will be continuously moving. That’s why taildragger pilots call it “happy feet”!

If you are referring to my TPR pedals I can say that I have the sensitivity on the z axis on -37% and a dead zone of 3% which have worked well for me.
Also I have secured the pedals to the floor protection mat you know the semi transparent plastic thingy, and taken off the wheels of my game chair so I do not slide around

MFG Crosswinds are only sold direct from MFG.

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“Rudder pedals of your wet dreams”? Really?

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