Recommended Windows Settings for best performance in MSFS

What’s your experience with 1) Windows Game mode on/off and 2) Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling on/off and 3) DirectX11/12?
Which settings do you recommend for best performance in MSFS?

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This might help: Performance Tips - FlyByWire Simulations Documentation

There is no cookie cutter configuration unfortunately. It behaves differently on everyone’s setup depending on what hardware they have, and their various configurations both inside and outside the sim.

For myself, I get best results with HAGS and Game Mode off.

Virtualization and Hyperthreading also off.

I do get better frames on DX12 but it brings in other issues so I’m back on DX11 which gives good frames and smooth still.

No rolling cache as system and network connection are robust.

gSync is off in MSFS and nVidia.

Ultra presets, antistrophic filtering set to 0 in sim and 16x in nVidia.

Motion blur and lens flare off.

Trees and grass on low.

In a nutshell that’s how I run on 4K with around 50FPS on ground 60-70 in the air (aircraft and scenery dependent).