Records with the Gripen (Mach 3,33)

I really love to fly her and after i managed Mach 2,4 i thought about testing how far i can get. I started at Hamburg Airport and my first intention was flying to UK but near british coast i realized that i did not reached the top and prolonged the flight to Dublin and after reachin the Irish coast and leaving good old Ireland behind me i turned to north. In the end i landed at Keflavik Airport.
Highest Altitude was arround 120k ft which is probably not the end.
The top speed was Mach 3,33 or 2015 knots which is 3731 km/h. And the Gripen is still ok. When landing at Keflavik Airport i still had 35% fuel.

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Completely unrealistic


More evidence that add ons produced by Deimos are unrealistic and to be avoided at all costs.

A Cessna 172 would be capable of Mach 1 if he got his hands on it!

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Ofc it is unrealistic.

Beside this its still a good plane and nice to fly.

As a game / toy it may well be, but not as a simulation.

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Even as a simulation its quite ok. Not perfect but still worlds better than arcade. And the price is also ok.

To be honest I call what you described above to be arcade. How can reaching FL1200 and Mach 3+ and landing with 35% not be arcade? If anything it is a perfect example of just that.


Once upon a time I have flown L1 speedup boost level 4 in R-Type Final 2!
That was so realistic I was completely blown away - it was like flying a real arcade hall space ship :smiley:

This is the exception and tbh to reach this speed takes a very long time.

It takes far longer in real life than in your arcade game version.

No. In real life it wont work out no matter how much you try. But in simulation it is also takes long time to reach this top speed. So besides this the Gripen is quite ok and more a simulation than arcade.

You do know what simulation means, right?

And you know what a grey zone is?

Sure, it’s an investigative news website. Not sure what that has to do with this toy plane though unless they they are investigating Deimos for crimes against realism.

A not the …

The Halo Pelican does only 400 knots…
There must be something wrong in the Flightsimulator universe…