Red Dragon K585 wireless one-handed mechanical keyboard

I keep getting conflicting advice from Red Dragon, so figured I’d ask here on the chance that others are using something similar…

ScreenHunter 719

I run MSFS through an Xbox Series X with a full Velocity Flight One yoke/TQ/rudders setup. I have a wireless mouse as well; everything works fine as installed. I’d like to add a half keyboard to take the place of the full-sized wireless keyboard I have now. Red Dragon says the K585 SHOULD work on an Xbox but that I’d need to get their version of (what appears to be) a USB hub. I’m already using a 4-pot hub now.

I realize the “macro” keys function probably wouldn’t work via the Xbox but the rest of the keys should, depending on how they’re mapped.

So…any input from other folks, Red Dragon-specific or other brands that might do the trick?


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