Red obstacle light


just want to ask how are you guys creating red obstacle lights to your sceneries. I tried some in blender, but still not looking as good as the default ones or in some payware sceneries. It dissapears very soon - not visible from greater distances. Any tips?

You can obtain proper obstacle lights only within an Aiport area using light presets in the sdk

If you Need them outside Aiports you can try to fool the system by attaching lights to fake giant objects/plane (buried into ground or with msfs invisible material), and by playing with lods and Simobjects to trigger visibility during daytime
But you Will likely end up with 2/4km visibility at max

If you can name a package that have such lights working outside of Aiports maybe we can ask the Developer how he manage to obtain the effect, or at least trying to analyze and guess!

I missed this, will have a look. Thanks