Redirected to the Microsoft Store page for Gaming Services


I am really fed up and bored with MFS2020.
For the second time since I play it, each time I try to launch the game I am redirected to the Gaming Services page of the Microsoft store. A message tell on the left part of the page says that all is installed and on my computer, and a button on the right part of the page says that I must install the game.

I already uninstalled/reinstalled the game, reset totally my PC and windows then reinstall the game… It was working again for a while but now I am stuck again…

The procedure described on Zendesk is not doing anything

But why the ??? we have to go through Microsoft Store + XBox to launch a PC Game ??? This is so messy…

I just hope that I will be able to play again one day. I won’t spend all my week-ends trying to fix MFS bugs.

Am i the only one ?!

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