Reduce trees in cities

Is there a way to reduce the amount of trees in cities, there are always way to many trees all over in the cities, roads etc… any way to reduce this?


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Turn off the trees in the UserCfg.opt file? :confused:

Put the trees and terrain LOD setting on lowest?

Find a 3rd party addon?

In the 15-asobo_biomes_cities xml file, in the <BiomeRule lines (look for all the biomerules lines in the xml file) , change the value in speciesInstancesPerHectar=“xxx”

Wouldn’t this just be a case of lowering the tree option in-sim to LOW or MEDIUM?

You all might want to try this.
Not a silver bullet, but I found it quite useful. Unfortunately it doesn’t work well with Season Addons like Rex AccuSeason or Bijan.