Redwing Kai Tak Constant CTD after WU6

Hello There
As the title says - CTD at Kai Tak (Redwing Payware). It always happens shortly after touchdown (usually after my 2nd “hop” ;-). I would always CTD now. Prior WU6 I could always land without issues.

It’s probably self explanatory - but ofc I am landing on RWY 13 :wink:

You have similar issues?


Edit says: It also happens with the default Cessna - hence not aircraft related. And it definitively happens exactly on touchdown.

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PSA: It is a bug within the SDK - they are working on it - it’s a known issue.

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I have the same issue, tried to land 747, 787, A320neo and Cessna 172, CTD every time at touchdown. It’s my favorite airport. All started with SU6. Takeoff from VHHX works ok.

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Interestingly I just flew the Airbus H135 helicopter from VHHX returned and landed on RWY 31, no CTD occurred.

The issue is related to the landing gear (touching down creating smoke fumes from the tires). Hence, you with your puny little Heli won’t have that issue :wink:

MerlinCH65, thanks, I knew there was a technical explanation. I’ll stick with my massively heavy Cessna 172 which will produce enough tire smoke to avoid the problem. By the way, have you noticed that at night there are floating runway lights well above the runway and taxiways? Or maybe these are alien spaceships massing for an invasion. These appeared well before SU6 when I first installed this add on.

They are working on the solution and it should be close to update and fix the CTD soon, some more glitches needed to be ironed out. Please be patient with the time needed to make something right and not creates another annoying bug. (If you are using marketplace purchase expect few more weeks after community update available…)

The floating lights seems to be also appearing in some other default or payware airports as well, I opt to ignore them

Hi James
Regarding the lights - did you try again after the hotfix? Tbh I did not fly there at night yet :wink:


Merlin, I checked the version I have in Profile>Content Manager and it shows I originally purchased and downloaded it through MSFS Marketplace in April, has there been a hot fix since then? I couldn’t find any reference to a hot fix on the Redwing website. I just checked VHHX at night today, and there are 10 of those elevated white lights above the left side of the arrival end of RWY 31 and an additional 10 along the taxiway from the departure end of 13 back to the terminal. I noticed there is a posting from KinkedoNau1 two days ago saying MS is working on the CTDs and a fix should be available in a few weeks, maybe the lights will also be addressed.

Is this payware mod still broke or has all the CTD been fixed now? I’m thinking of buying the redwing version via the MSFS marketplace and not sure if its compatible with HK Times from Sam Scene.

Also I want to know what you guys think… is the Redwing version better than the [Model Instruments] for roughly the same price ( » Model Instruments)

let me know your thoughts before I pull the trigger.

Have the redwing kai tak installed and found:
1)The white pulsating approach lights do not seem to be working
2)also there was some bits of scenery (firestation) appearing very close to the runway (didn’t really look right) .
just wondering how to fix these issues? (note running the samscene HK pack also)

For me it seems fine now - no CTD at all anymore