Refuel on the Alaska tour?

hello everyone …
How do I refuel on the Alaska tour? at a certain point the engine turns off even if the indicator is still at 40%?

Your plane has broken down, a feature in the game.

There is a repair and refuel function in the Controls>Settings menu.

You will need to find it and set it up yourself.
You must bind the the function to a a key or set of keys in order to execute the command. try to use a unique key or set of keys you will not forget or are commonly used for the game.
Then you can use that command when you run out of fuel or break down.

There is unusable fuel in each tank, it shouldn’t be 40% though.

For bush trip refueling, you can either pull up next to the fuel pumps at an airport, call the fuel truck, or go into the key binding and map ‘add fuel qty’ or ‘repair and refuel’ to a key and use that.

Bind Repair and Refuel to a spare button or keyboard pair.

the function repairs and restock I do not find it in the various menus

found, it was in the hidden menus, thanks

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