Regarding Xbox Testing Opportunity June 21, 2022

Thank you to the team for setting this up.

Quick question: If you are not experiencing crashing on Xbox does it make sense to participate?




Good question - I’ll be interested in the response.

On a general note, I think this is a very welcome initiative and, contrary to some recent comment on this forum, is a real statement of the devs commitment to achieving a better, more consistent and stable sim on Xbox Series X and S. Bravo, I say!

I would strongly encouraged anyone who has been experiencing performance and stability issues - particularly the dreaded black screens - on Xbox to join the beta. Here’s the announcement for those who missed it:


Will definitely be using this. Great idea :+1:

Probably not. The new beta build only contains additional data logging and telemetry to allow the dev team to better diagnose and resolve crashes. It does not contain any fixes or improvements.


I have just signed up. Really appreciate this effort by the team. Thank you. I hope that in time it will help with the CTD’s at certain 3rd party airports? I’m not experiencing that mutch CTD’s during normal flight.

But, do I have to start my flights from certain 3rd party airports in order to create a CTD so the team can investigate?


Of course, I just uninstalled all the 3rd party scenery/add-ons that have ‘animations’ which crash the game.

I wonder if it’s the case that the more crashes we can recreate while using this build, the more helpful it will be for the devs as ultimately it’s the crashes that generate the data that will help them to investigate the greatest number of issues under the widest possible circumstances. So for me, I’ll be using 3rd party airports, going on long haul flights, ramping up the traffic settings… basically stress testing the sim so that I can generate as much data for the Devs as possible.


Yes, I intend to do the same. Making sacrifices in order to help… I hope we get some regular updates of how it’s going.

Tomorrow I’m going to reinstall my 6 third party airports… Preparing for CTD’s…

Just had a look into the XBox Insider App under Previews: got three items: XBox-Update preview, Xbox accessibiliy Insider League and Apple TV but no fs2020 preview/Beta… I’m in Germany so that might be the reason?

That’s what I’m thinking. I’m going to load up NICE, France with A320nro and have a good look round in a drone before startup. That’s one that’s done it for me on the past.

More data the better I think, so that they can see all the different variables. Eg does an A320 CTD at a particular place in the same way a Cessna does? All sorts of variables can be collated if everyone is doing something slightly different

Hi all, new forum member here playing on Series X. I’m wondering if this also will log stutters and freezes?

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Hi UA,

KMIA Miami Airport add-on from LVFR is one I have trouble with. Yet KJFK is standard yet I have issues on that. Heathrow is from the Premium Deluxe edition yet it stutters like mad on the runway and just after take off

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Sometimes it just freezes now if it should CTD, even minutes after minutes nothing happens. is that normal? :grin:

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Hi there,

Yes Heathrow is notorious in that regard.

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Yes, that’s common sense, specifically in the 787…In my experience, when you encounter severe lag and stuttering, sooner or later it will crash or have the black avionics first and then crash.

Yeah I’ve had lock ups where I’ve had to restart the game when it auto taxis to the runway, when you select a runway to take off from. Just becomes a norm of playing now lol :joy:

Lots of stuttering above larger cities like L.A for me, but no crashes, would it help if I participated in this beta or would this add unnecessary extra data, making the devs’ job more complicated?

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Even if you don’t experience crashes, this is the opportunity to stress test the sim. Load up the biggest airports, fly long, make it suffer. If it crashes, all the better. If you are afraid to test because it may crash whereas it didn’t before, well, this is what it’s for. The more people and more CTD the more data the developers will have. In my opinion this automatic crash reporting should’ve always been in there.


I’ve edited this post as the steps listed in the original announcement post under the section How to Correctly Enable Crash Reporting So We Don’t Miss Your Data have now been updated, and can be implemented easily. Thanks mods!

Just loaded one of my airports that causes crashes. It did not fail. Chicago Midway crashed upon loading just like it always does. Now to do a few more CTDs that I was able to recreate in the past.