Region-specific vehicles, radios, ICAO phraseology, Cessna 172 mixture

Coming from a country where we have more GA pilots in one state than pretty much the entire European continent, there are a few things I’ve noticed like airport trucks are European styled, possibly after a MAN or some other COE design that is not anywhere near prevalent in the states. Not a big issue. But it would be nice to see more modeling done with region-specific vehicles. Freightliner here in the states. MAN in Europe, Isuzu in South Africa, etc.

Radios- are set up for 12.5k narrow-banding, which is a recent necessity in Europe, we don’t have it here in America- which no doubt where the vast majority of Garmin’s users are present, we still have wide-band frequency spacing so clicking 20 times to drop down a couple of kHz was new and odd to me. Again, would be nice if it were region-specific or an option to disable narrow-banding. And on that note, the Garmin GPS systems don’t behave anywhere like their real-world counterparts. I expected as much from default aircraft but it would be nice to have a Garmin rep or someone familiar with the technology be able to give default programming status.

ATC- using ICAO phraseology. I don’t have a leg to stand on for this one, we’re supposed to be using it. But I can count on one finger the number of times I’ve heard “decimal” come from an American controller.

These are a few things I’ve spotted with less than an hour’s flight time. I’ll keep compiling a list. I know the forums are AWASH in massive bugs and problems, and I have to sound like a typical American, but its odd having the entire simulation set-up in a French-default state. Even the front page challenges are for French airports and the Steam rewards are a few related to flying from France.

Also Cessna 172 mixtures are overly sensitive- the sim has a noticeable engine speed change when you lean it at altitude- thats not the case for these engines. Leaning shouldnt have an effect on a loaded, climbing fixed-pitch prop


I guess it will become more international over time. Cheers.

Typical, An American thinking a game should be more like his Country lol.


Apparently my local airport has a Bituminus (it even says I spelled it wrong) runway… I didn’t know we paved runways with coal. It says asphalt in the AFD! LOL.


i mean if its an american airport there should be american vehicles yeah? kinda screws immersion otherwise.


“Validate”!? how about “Okay” or “Apply”


When it comes to GA, pretty much 98% of everything is American. You’re flying primarily American airplanes over there with modified exhausts to fit your parameters. You have American radio systems modified to fit your parameters. Etc etc etc. They’re simulating American equipment but with local French touches spanning the entire world when that simply not the case. I’m not asking for the sim to be Americanized- I’m asking for region specific interests to be region specific.


How do you explain no hPa (QNH) for altimeter setting or no kg for weight?


Game is already exclusively in freedom units. That’s very American.


That’s not what the POH says


This… I’m getting hounded on another post for it. Lol, I’m the same way.

Typical non-american thinking their way of life is better too. /s


Also the default transition altitude in the A320 is 10000ft not 18000ft although I don’t know where that number came from because I can’t find any countries with that transition altitude.

As the inventors of heavier-than-air powered flight, we’re entitled to a little bit of conceit. :grin: Seriously, though, localization for things like “decimal” vs. “point” would be easy to implement and increase immersion. I wouldn’t like it, either, if ATC in Europe said “point” when I fly there.


Are you talking about transition altitude to STD instead of QNH/QFE? Or the transition altitude for the 250KIAS speed restriction?

Pretty sure talking about the transition altitude. Wherever you change your speed isn’t really termed as a transition altitude. You might hear stuff like „maintain 280 knots or less after transition“ on the radio, but that really means the transition from M to IAS and isn’t bound to some fixed altitude.

For europeans it seems the other way around. You are right by saying things should be made correct for every region. But the title is a bit over the top.


Equally there are a lot of Americanisms in the game which decrease immersion for me, e.g. in the ATC communication the callsigns are prefixed by aircraft type, very weird to be flying in the UK and hear the controller say “Cessna G-XXXX”. And of course the QNH is given in inches rather than hectopascals.


Well I have seen US Firetrucks at Frankfurt Aiport in-game yesterday, so I assume it is a mix of everthing currently.


I get your point. Would be great if every region is authentic but normaly in most of the games its the other way arround where you only see american police cars and so on. We got used to the fact that no one brings european assets to games. It might come to your eye because its so unusual :wink:.