Registry Key pointing to Community Folder

Hello people!

I am trying to create a Self-Installer. Of course I thought MSFS created some registry entry for me to define a Variable to point to the MSFS community folder.

Many other users have one located in


Seems like it has been created by some add-on self-installer though since in my freshly made re-install, that key isn’t present. I also tried a search with various keywords with no luck at all.

I need a solid base which won’t change over versions, and won’t change regardless of the platform the game runs on.
Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance


To the best of my knowledge, based on a post from one of the forum moderators here, MSFS does not add any registry entries.
I wonder if that could have been created by some add-on?

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It might be and this makes it even worse. So how could I point my installer to a folder which hasn’t any hook in the Registry, for a simulator which comes in 3 different versions and platforms? I am waiting for approval from Microsoft since October, also I am working hard to release on-date with the UK Update my UK Scenery, but then one missing registry key puts a wall in my face.

As a non-programmer guy, it totally makes me stuck, hope somebody has a workaround

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I don’t know what kind of installer you’re working on, but perhaps ask the user for the installation path would be possible?

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Of course, that’s the only workaround which makes sense but in my freeware experience i noticed many have issues in Knowing where they have to install…and in reading ReadMe files​:rofl::rofl:

Or, can you make a selection to choose from?
There are only three basic install locations , and those that have selected a custom location would be able to navigate to theirs.

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True that. Besides, I saw that you received some answers on fsdeveloper :slightly_smiling_face:

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This might be a good solution! Thanks, I’ma try to sort that out and see if I can manage to achieve it! Awesome idea!!! @TheSevenflyer

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The MFS installation path is specified in UserCfg.opt. If someone specifies a user-defined directory for the installation of the MFS, this is entered in the UserCfg.opt as the last entry under InstalledPackagesPath. As far as I know, the folder specified there always contains the community folder.

For example, for me it says:
InstalledPackagesPath “D:\MS Flight Simulator”

So an installer should read the path in the UserCfg.opt and then write its files there into the community directory.

Maybe this will help you.

PS: My MFS launcher is under “D:\Steam\apps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator” and my custom installation of MFS under “D:\MS Flight Simulator” (which also contains the community folder).

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That helps, thank you.
The problem is that usual installer creators cannot read into a .opt file, they are designed to fetch information in the registry and not in a file. This is the problem I have with my ClickTeam Install Creator, maybe more advanced tools have this option…