[Regression] Changing Starting Point recalculates whole flight plan in World Map

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A previous sim update specifically had a release note that changing a starting point (gate/ramp/runway) shouldn’t recalculate the whole flight plan in world map. Latest Beta - - I changed gates and the whole flight reset, including Departures and Arrivals.

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Create a flight from KIND to KPIT. Select Departure MAREO5 23R, STAR FEWGA7 28L, ILS 28L.
Then change your starting point to Gate 28 instead of the runway. Everything you’ve selected is now reset.

This was a bug specifically fixed in a prior release note. I tried searching but did not find a similar thread on this topic. Moderators, please merge if I’ve missed something.

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I agree that it should not alter the entire route but did you notice that if you change it from the drop down menu it does not change the previous flight plan but if you select from the map it does.

At least you can use one way, without it changing. I’m going to vote as well because it’s not consistent and selecting a gate from the map is more easy to visualise.

This was fixed in SU7 but SU9 has brought back this bug. Here are the SU7 GOTY release notes:

  • Flight plans that were externally loaded or manually edited on the world map will no longer be recomputed from scratch when changing the instrument procedures or the parking spots

roger that, thanks for sharing that :point_up_2:

Can confirm this was previously fixed, but the bug is back! The devs are aware and investigating a fix. Thanks for the report!