REGRESSION: Icing has no aerodynamic impact

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No - observed with and without, screenshots with devmode to show sim parameters.

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No, but no mods used affecting the tested aircraft.

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Accumulated ice has nearly no physical impact. Except for some slow ice weight accumulation there is no additional drag or reduction in AOA, airplane flies with the same attitude.
I recall testing this several times in the past and it was affecting the aircraft significantly ( though still not enough to make it lose control as expected with total icing).
Aircraft left to graduatly ice up till the maximum icing condition .
Icing state at the end of the accumulation:
Option → Icing is at 1.0
Cell Ice Accum 1.0
Deicable parts Ice accum: 1.0

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Icing condition is at the maximum:

Custom severe storm:

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Irrelevant, used custom preset

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Irrelevant, used custom preset

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Create severe icing stormy weather.

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Definitely a regression.

See also this thread: Improve icing physics on aircraft - #2 by PaulausPilot