[REGRESSION] Rain/Snow unrealistically blowing sideways

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During approach with strong headwinds, snow blowing sideways rather than towards the aircraft.
This looks like reincarnation of the bug reported back then in SU12:

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Video uploaded here:

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ENGM ILS 01R , video start at approx this location 60° 5’ 7.41" N 11° 3’ 4.65" E

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Time: 13:37 UTC - Live weather

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Hard to reproduce, seems to happen more with there are strong winds or gusts

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i9-9900 /32GB / RTX 3090 / 2TB nvme

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And another one today, EFHK approach , rwy 04R , around 19:10 UTC - Live weather.
This time it appears as if looking sideways triggers the issue (using Track IR ) but along the video it changes directions also without direct correlation to the head movement.