REGRESSION: White line now appears on horizon after Asobos attempt to fix the black line that appears through terrain

Have you disabled/removed all your mods and add-ons?

Happens regardless of this - not related.

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After asobo trying to fix the horizon line through terrain(which still appears), a new issue has appeared. There is a quite visible white line that appears very clearly on clear skies and in a sunset/sunrise setting, most visible in the opposite direction of the sun and in cruise.

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Its a bit difficult to see it due to the applied compression, but still should be able to make out a line.

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can´t really see it…


Its pretty hard to see in the screenshots on this forum, as they get compressed quite heavily, but try it out for yourself in the sim, just go high up using the drone cam or devcam and turn set it to sunset/sunrise Here’s an imgur album without the compression, should be easier to tell if you open the pictures in a new tab in full size.

i don´t do betas. If i´m lucky it might be there on release :rofl:

I must admit I can’t see it on any of those imgur pics. Might be an idea to use a photo package, crop the image around an area that shows it then enlarge the resulting image. This would mitigate any compression artefacts on the forum.

I see what OP is talking about as well. Here’s a screenshot I just took on a flight.

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I can see it on the third pic but that is all.


It‘s quite noticable in the moving sim, not so much on screenshots

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In my opinion the horizon line situation has improved significantly with SU13 beta.
Sorry but I won’t give you my vote here and I hope Asobo do not revert to the previous rendering solution.

While it has been slightly improved with the black line that appeared through terrain, it has added this new white horizon line in cruise which is quite an eye soar imo. Hopefully it can be remedied by asobo, i’d hope they could at least look into it.

Cruising my Fenix over DC at the moment, I can’t see a line on my 1080p 65" TV, it’s sunny outside.

As its a white line its hard to see during the day, but is very apparent at sunset or sunrise in a clear sky/clear horizon

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


If relevant, provide additional screenshots/video:

Yep! I have noticed that too! I would rather have the old way than this white line!

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