Reinstall MFS on PC with new hardware

Hello guys,

on my old computer I had already installed the MFS 2020 (boxed). I have now bought new hardware components except for the hard disks (MFS is installed on a non-system-SSD) and would like to install MFS again. How does this work without having to insert all the DVDs again? The files are already on my computer…

Thanks a lot and cheers,


What components? Seems the OS and installed programs should still work without re-installation, depending on what hardware your replacing.

I replaced every component but the hard drives. However, I had to reinstall Windows 10 and therefore have no registry keys (I guess) for MFS. Only the game files (~100GB) are placed on another (non-OS) SSD.

With Steam for example it works like a charm to tell the client where the game files are - there is no need for reinstallation. I figured this might as well work for MFS (albeit I don’t have the Steam version of MFS)…