Reinstall MFS2020 with a new Windows 10 and a new SSD

I’m installing a new version of Windows 10 on a new SSD in order to speed up the pc and to keep my old HDD to store data.
What should I do regarding MFS2020 ? My version is a disk version (10 disks, license code filled in the Microsoft store). I want MFS to be located in the ssd.

1/ Should I uninstall the version presently located in the HDD , then reload the full CDs onto the the ssd ?
2/ Should I simply move the installation path from the hdd appdata directory to the ssd (Settings then Apps then choose MFS then select “Move” top the new SSD) ?
Will I be asked for the MSF code once again ?

Thanks for yoyr kind replies

Your option 2 worked just fine for me when I did this. I didn’t need to enter the licence but I have microsoft store version through gamepass.

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Thanks but I’m just thinking that on the new windows (ssd), the app won’t appear since installed on the old one (hdd)… So my 2/ is meaningless, no ?

Move the app.
Here is a link with instructions on how to do this.
You shouldn’t need the code.

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OK. I’ll try. It seems it may be possible because the app is managed by the microsoft store, no ?
I’ll tell you

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The app consists of 2 parts:

  1. A “core” part installed by the MS Store (Around 1.2 GB)
  2. A repository where the core part installs its downloaded files (Around 70-90GB)

It’s best to leave the core part alone and install that part on your C:. For the repository part, you can move around that directory. Then, when starting the sim it will ask for an installation path. Point to the moved location and it will find all packages and continue.

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