Release download

Hi, download version does not seem to advance, more than 10 hours and less than 1 / 50th achieved. Thank’s for help

Same problem, will not advance past Decompressing x-cub, stuck at 52/182, as I uninstalled because of problem. Reinstalled from Disc only to have the same problem with 88Gigs to go???


Same thing taking for ever only 36gib to go, been going for 4 hours now crazy. Was going to take a flight but forces you to do upgrade. Just changed to fibre which is giving me 33gb/sec normal was only 10gg/sec so would have been like reinstalling whole thing again.
As you say FRUSTRATING. Might be going back t5o p3dv5 at this rate.

so any fix?

The download seems to be stuck in a loop. A video on YouTube recommends to proceed with the update with security software disabled. Trying that myself now. Antivirus, Malwarebytes etc., all turned off before updating.