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LTCO Agri Ahmed-i Hani Airport

The airport was opened on 8 January 1998 as Ağrı Airport. It was temporarily closed down in 2009 to widen and upgrade the apron and runway, which was completed in 2011. In 2015, a new terminal building was completed and the airport’s name was changed to Ağrı Ahmed-i Hani Airport.

This Package includes:

-High quality 3D Models

-Taxiway, Runway, Apron, Park Positions based on real life charts

-Detailed landscape

-New aerial image of airport

-Airport facilities 3D model

-Waving flag of Turkey


Creators: Arda Guler, Mali Oguducu

Waving Flag: tsr – Windy Things Library (you dont need to download again, scenery inclued that already)

For perfect experience, here is the recommended settings:

Traffic > Land and sea traffic > Road vehicles %0