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Welcome to Bear Island!
Bear Island, Florida for MSFS is the third iteration of this popular island airstrip scenery, which started its journey with FSX back in 2013. The scenery was later reduxed in 2017, adding custom objects and vegetation. It became one of the most detailed freeware airstrips for FSX & P3D, and was the first ESD airstrip to use SODE for environmentally-dynamic features.

With Bear Island showing its age compared to the detail in MSFS, a port from FSX could not be imagined. So, Bear Island has once again been reworked to closely resemble the FSX scenery, yet add greater detail. Both airstrip buildings have been remodeled with higher detail and 8K PBR materials. The imagery has been AI upscaled to 15cm/px, the island now includes a 2-meter Digital Elevation Model, and a few of the environmentally-dynamic features have found their way back into the scenery.

Bear Island is still spawnable using its fictional ICAO code: FL21. A parking spawn has also been added to the hangar where smaller aircraft, such as Cessna’s and Piper’s can be spawned. The main restriction here being aircraft height and length.


  • 15cm/px aerial imagery.
    Hand-corrected and AI upscaled from 30cm/px.

  • 2-meter digital elevation model.
    Giving at least some definition to an already pretty flat island.

  • One way in, one way out runway.
    Watch your wing clearance!

  • Hand-placed, native vegetation.
    Weeds, Wildflowers, Palmettos, and Reeds. Includes LODs for improved performance.

  • Custom detailed dock house, hangar and various clutter models.
    Up to 8k resolution PBR materials. Window rain VFX, and environmental occlusion for the open hangar.

Environmentally-Dynamic Features

  • "The Frog"The Frog really likes the rain. He can be found perched on a rock near the dock when rain is reported in the area.

  • Rain PuddlesOnly visible when rain is reported in the area.

Where can you download Bear Island?
This scenery is only available from the following websites:

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Thank you for your interest in Bear Island! I know many of you have waited quite a while for this release!


Bear Island | v1.0.1 Update

This update knocks out a few issues that were discovered post-release. You can grab the update from any of the links listed in the OP above!

v1.0.1 Changelog

  • Added fallen branches around the airstrip.
  • Changes to AirportServices to further ensure compatibility with nearby airports.
  • Fixed incorrect runway start positioning.
  • Fixed missing “Star Airport” icon.
  • Tweaked size and positioning of hangar start.
  • Various adjustments to vegetation throughout the scenery.

Thanks for your support! Be sure to leave me your feedback on Discord or flightsim.to!

Bear Island | v1.0.2 Update

Bear Island has received another update including a handful of fixes and improvements. This update fixes the same issue with AirportServices addressed in yesterday’s Chunilna Cabin Strip update, so be sure to grab this update to get that critical fix!

v1.0.2 Changelog
Please remove the old version of Bear Island to get rid of leftover files!

  • Added new window detail material to the Dock House model.
  • Adjustments to Wildflowers around Dock House.
  • Fixed Hangar Environmental Occluder excluding haze at a distance.
  • Fixed some misaligned vertices along the upper wall of the Dock House.
  • Fixed overlapping UVs on Hangar model.
  • Increased height clearance of Hangar by 8 inches.
  • Reverted an AirportServices change, as it had unintended affects, globally. (Sorry for the hiccup, folks! All has been tested thoroughly and is confirmed working as intended.)

Thanks for your support! Be sure to leave me your feedback on Discord or flightsim.to!